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When it comes to health information, knowledge transforms into power in the most direct way. With every passing minute, our collective scientific and medical knowledge expands to new frontiers with direct applications to our day-to-day lives, allowing us to live longer, live stronger, and reduce suffering. The power of the internet helps the entire world realize these benefits by providing immediate access to almost boundless resources that make up our information age.

Unfortunately, we also live in the misinformation age. Charlatans of all kinds have co-opted the health industry for personal and financial gain. As a result, the internet hosts vast platforms of bad health information, provincial governments have regulated and promoted blatant pseudoscience, mainstream news outlets have consistently failed to vet scientific and medical information, and our regulatory agencies have failed to protect consumers from scams that target their wallet at the additional cost of their well-being.

These are the issues you will find discussed here. Post-Truth Health is dedicated to critically analyzing health issues affecting Canadian consumers. Regulatory agencies, news outlets, health practitioners, and any purveyors of pseudoscience will be held accountable for selling and promoting false and dangerous health information. Detailed analysis will not only seek to debunk, but to empower readers with critical tools to assess the validity of claims.

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